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Express Autobody is a top of the line repair facility with a reputation for high quality repairs and excellent customer satisfaction. Your vehicle is an investment and it's important that you choose a repair facility that will perform a high quality repair on your vehicle.

Collision repair isn't the same wherever you go. Choosing a lesser repair facility could mean sacrificing safety, quality, and peace of mind. You need to trust the facility that you hand your keys to and we are that facility to trust.

It's important to us that our customers are as knowledgeable of the repairs their vehicle will be receiving as well as the business performing those repairs as they can be. We have provided you with a wealth of information on our website to build your trust in us.


Get 2 free movie passes from Express Autobody!

We would like to treat you to a night at the movies!!! It's summer, it's hot, and a night out at the movies could be just the thing to make your week. Between now and August 1st, Express Autobody will give any previous customer referring a repair to us two movie passes, AND we'll give the person you referred to us a pair of passes too! Make sure to let us know who referred you and we will have passes in the mail and on their way right away.


Schedule an Appointment

Here at Express Autobody we believe the outdated "estimate" is an inadequate way to assess the damages to your vehicle. We take an in-depth look at your vehicle to create a full and entire repair plan. Learn more on our "More Than an Estimate" page.

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Check in on your Vehicle being repaired

Cars have advanced exponentially in the technology that they utilize, and it doesn't make sense for a repair facility to not be as up to date on technology as the manufacturers are. We provide the status of your repair online so you can check in and see where your vehicle is at, where it's going next, and pictures of every step in between. Learn more on our "Vehicle Status Check" page.

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Rent a Car

Here at Express Autobody we know that if you are in need of our services you're already having a bad day. We have teamed up with Hertz Local Edition to take just one more thing off your list of things to do. We keep a fleet of rental vehicles at our location and the person handling your repair is the same person putting you in a rental. Learn more on our "In House Rental" page.

Hertz at Express Autobody


Frequently Asked Questions

We have done extensive research on the most frequently asked questions pertaining to autobody repair. We hope this page helps to answer all of your questions, but if there is anything this page doesn't address, please give us a call!

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There is much, much more to see. You can learn about the repair process as well as your role in it, we have insightful articles for you in our Tips from the Garage section, we have posted pictures of our previous repairs, we are actively involved in our community, and you can read reviews from our customers. Enjoy!